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About Eleanor

I’m Eleanor, and I have created a range of hand-drawn, block print style art prints. With a deep-rooted passion for creativity and design, I take inspiration from natural elements to create prints inspired by the outside world, so you can bring a slice of the outdoors, in.

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The process

My prints are inspired by the traditional lino cut method, and retro digital prints. With a focus on natural colours and textures, I’ve created a cohesive collection you can use together or own their own.

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Eleanor Fausing - Sketching - Drawings - Home Decor Prints

What really matters

All my prints are designed with the planet in mind, however, they are also designed to help promote good mental health as well.

As an autistic ADHD woman, I have to make sure to take as much care of myself, both mentally and physically, as I can. This includes creating a home I can feel totally relaxed in.

Studies have proven that we can use nature’s influence to create a sense of calm and tranquillity. This is why I draw my inspiration from the natural world and make sure to only use natural materials and colours.

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